Daniel Matea, founder

Meet the Founder

Daniel Matea

Daniel first started Heart & Soles Ministries by sending one special needs child and his cousins' shoes. The child had an infected foot and his family could not afford shoes to protect his foot from worsening. Daniel realized that many children may forever go without footware. Daniel set out to make a difference locally in Ohio, and afar in the Philippines. Through your donations, churches & other charitable organizations, HSM has become one of the fastest-growing charities around. Today, HSM supplies thousands of shoes, sandals, and boots domestically and abroad. His goal is to someday be able to supply shoes to every child in need all over the world.

...the Other Guy

Michael McLoud, VP & Treasurer

Michael’s beginnings in Heart and Soles was nothing short of a Godsend. From the first moment he heard about the organization, he knew he wanted to get involved. By 2020 Michael had become partners with Daniel in Heart and Soles Ministries, and now works tirelessly to keep expanding its reach: networking with businesses, churches, and people looking to partner with the Organization. His addition to the Heart and Soles Family has helped expanded its outreach beyond expectation, and because of his unrelenting dedication to helping children all over the world the future of Heart and Soles looks bright.

Mike McLoud, Treasurer & Secretary
Becky Oye, Lead Volunteer

Last, but not least!

Becky Oye, Lead Volunteer

Becky has been an intricate part of the Heart and Soles Family from day one and looks forward to helping it continue to grow. She helped Daniel supply shoes for the very first family Heart and Soles sponsored, and continues to be a part of every aspect of the organization.




The first gift was given to a sick child in the Philippines



Heart & Soles is founded as a simple way to help some families obtain shoes. Daniel Matea, founder, secures mutiple partnerships and associates to champion his vision


Rapid progress

Despite the global pandemic, the organization thrives; seeing a 900% increase in financial donations; H&S becomes the main supplier of shoes for multiple non-profits around Ohio & hosts shoe giveaways in the Philippines

2021 & beyond

Sustained success, expansion, & 501c(3)

H&S continues to garner more attention & support from local charities & non-profit organizations; A GoFundMe is started to raise support, along with expanding donation types to allow the use of cryptocurrencies; Soon Heart & Soles will be 501c(3) eligible to enhance the outlook for those willing to support the cause

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